Welcome to St. Mary's

St. Mary and All Saints is the parish church of Conwy, and part of the Church in Wales, the Anglican church which is a sister church to the Church of England.  Along with the other churches in Conwy, we are a member of Conwy and Gyffin Cytûn.

We aim to be a church which honours God through reverent worship, and which both supports and encourages those who have entered upon Christian discipleship and commends the Gospel of Christ to those who are not yet Christian believers. With these ends in view, our worship is liturgical in nature, though this is more informally expressed on the first Sunday of the month at our 11 am Family Service. We lay stress upon the exposition of God’s Word as a prime means of grace, by which we are drawn to the Lord and built up in a life of holiness and obedience to God’s will. Our worship is largely Eucharistic, as we celebrate Christ’s redeeming work and share together in the benefits of his saving and victorious sacrifice. As a community we seek to love and support each other, and to welcome any who may consider worshipping with us. We especially look forward to being joined at worship by any who are on holiday in this area.

Copies of the parish newsletter are available on our Newsletters page.

The Vicar

The Vicar welcomes people

Canon Peter Russell Jones retired as Vicar at the end of June 2014, and the parish is therefore currently experiencing an interregnum. We would appreciate the support of friends in praying for the Lord to give us a suitable pastor to lead the parish in the near future.

Sunday Worship at St. Mary’s

Family Service

11 am - Holy Communion on most Sundays, except for the Family Service on the first Sunday of the month, Morning Prayer on the fifth, and the occasional special service (such as on Remembrance Sunday).

The Sunday School (currently not being held) meets at the same time, and spends part of the time in Church so that parents and children can worship together. We stress the importance of children attending church with their parents or other responsible adults. On Family Service Sundays the children remain in church for the whole service.

St. Mary’s has a traditional-style church choir of adults, a junior choir of children which joins the adult choir on festival Sundays, and a music group of varied instruments which contributes to the music at family services.

At the back of church there is a tape/CD library of sermons preached in the course of our regular worship.

There is a celebration of Holy Communion at St. Mary’s every Wednesday at 11 am.

St. Benedict’s, Gyffin

St Benedict's, Gyffin
The adjacent parish of Gyffin is grouped with Conwy, and shares a parish priest with it. Most weekday activities are shared, though Gyffin remains a distinct parish with its own church council, wardens, officers and finances.

At St. Benedict’s there is a 9.30 am service every Sunday (Morning Prayer on the 2nd Sunday of the month, Holy Communion on all other Sundays)

There are two regular evening services each month, both at St. Benedict’s: a celebration of Holy Communion in Welsh on the first Sunday of each month, and Evening Prayer in English on the third Sunday.

Other Activities

Other activities are announced from week to week, and published in a monthly Calendar.  The Men’s and Women’s Fellowships meet at one of the homes of the participating members; the Men’s Fellowship concentrates on Bible study and discussion, while the Women’s Fellowship is essentially a group for prayer and particularly intercession.

Holy Baptism

The font at St Mary's

The sacrament of baptism is administered to the children of Christian families and to those coming to faith in Christ in their adult life who have not previously been baptised.

Baptism offers union with Christ in his death and resurrection, and declares God’s readiness to give us a new life as his children. The Church in Wales in its Prayer Book baptism service expects parents who request baptism for their children ‘to bring them up to worship with the church’, and this is an expectation which we emphasise as essential to the integrity of baptism. It is usual for baptism to take place during one of the main regular services of the church, so that the church family as a whole may recognise, welcome and encourage the families of those baptised.

Holy Matrimony 

The Church in Wales teaches that marriage is ‘the lifelong union of one man and one woman and is dissolved only by the death of either party’. Marriages can be solemnised in both our churches in cases where one or other of the parties is resident in the parish or can demonstrate that they have one of the newly-recognised ‘qualifying connections’. Marriage in our parishes is not available when either or both of the parties has a previous spouse still living. For enquiries about marriage, please contact the Vicar well in advance of the proposed date.